Arı Plastik which has started its production in 1965 by producing Printed and Unprinted Carrier bag all kind of food packaging and consumable materials , had been started its bussiness in Eminönü Küçük Pazar as a first pouch manifacturer company of Turkey.

In 2003, it has moved in new Production Facility in Bayrampaşa by increasing its Capacity and Product Range. In 2006, It has opened its wholesale and retail shop in Mega Center Kuru Gıda Sitesi which can provide its own products and also products of other companies.

Honest Production and Customer Satisfaction are Purpose and Principles of Arı Plastik.

To produce our products always with an understanding of quality beyond the expectations and needs of our customers. 

Our Mission

To go forward enabling our working system to develop continuously, without differentiating between our customers  and compromising on our level of quality and service,

To perpetuate customer satisfaction by enabling the continuous development of our employees and products through the trainings and R&D studies  we carry out. 

Quality and Environmental-Occupational Health Policy

To enable the name Ari Plastik to be mentioned with the concept of quality

To produce high quality and flexible package that best meets the expectations and needs of our customers. 

To be one of the pioneers of high quality package production 

While performing our productions;

With reference to “Environmental and Occupational Safety” and accordingly to fulfill our liabilitie